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Organisational Structure

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National Coalitions

GCAP has National Coalitions in over 100 countries and 6 global regions. Each national coalition and constituency group mobilises locally and/or regionally throughout the year, on the most relevant issues within the overall strategic directions of GCAP.

Constituency groups

In addition, there are constituency groups such as the Child and Youth Task Force, the Feminist Task Force and the Socially Excluded Task Force.

General Assembly

Made up of all GCAP constituents, GCAP is made up of a Global Assembly, which is the ultimate political decision-maker for GCAP at the global level. The Global Assembly includes, National Coalitions, constituency-based groups, INGOs, civil society organisations and Supporting Organisations.

Global Council

The GCAP Global Assembly elects a Global Council which is composed of regional and other representation. The Global Council provides strategic direction and implementation for GCAP, as mandated by the Global Assembly and its Declarations, which is headed by three Global Council Co-Chairs.

Global Secretariat

The Global Secretariat is decentralised and implements GCAP's daily operations and decisions of the Global Council.  There are currently three regional coordinators in addition to communications and programme support and a mobilisation coordinator. Find out more here about the members of the secretariat and how to contact them.

Regional councils

These regional bodies coordinate unified advocacy and mobilisation actions in Africa, the Arab Region, Asia, Europe and Latin America & the Caribbean.

Global Foundation

The GCAP Global Foundation is an independent legal not-for-profit organization registered in the Netherlands that takes care of the administrative and financial aspects of running GCAP at the global level, including hiring staff and finance.