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Manila BulletinShare Your Message for the World with mosaic:EARTH and Harmony
HRH The Prince of Wales has released his latest book, Harmony, detailing a new approach to understanding the world—and living in it... (16 November, 2010)

EuronewsEl G20 pone fin a la guerra de divisas en su comunicado final
Los líderes pidieron a los países que “se abstengan” de practicar devaluaciones competitivas de sus monedas… (12 November 2010)

EuronewsJury Out on Success of G20
The G20 summit in Seoul, South Korea, is over, but what have the leaders of the world’s leading and emerging economies actually achieved… (12 November 2010)


International Business TimesG20 Comes Up Short On Action, But Leaders Hope For More
Leaders at the G20 spent as much time promoting the process itself as the real accomplishments of the summit... (12 November, 2010)

The Globe and MailG20 nations agree to business-focused plan to fight poverty
It’s called the Seoul consensus – and it could be a turning point for the global fight against poverty... (11 Nov. 2010)


International Business TimesSave the children, achieve recovery: NGOs tell G20 leaders
The financial crisis places a double squeeze on poor children, says Save the Children, the UK-based non-profit organization... (11 Nov. 2010)

es fonctionnaires du ministère des affaires étrangères coréen ne parlent pas aux fonctionnaires du ministère ... (11 Nov. 2010)



International Business TimesLabor makes its discontent known
It is an open secret that a number of the G-20 nations are in disagreement on how to deal with crucial issues facing the economies and the peoples of the world... (10 Nov. 2010)


The Huffington PostThe Movement with a Thousand Faces
Though the outcome of this meeting is as of yet uncertain, one thing at least is clear - the climate movement has blossomed... (04 Nov. 2010)


Manila BulletinAsian NGOs Craft Alternative Dev't Agenda
Civil society leaders from various Asian nations converged the other day in Quezon City to contribute to the crafting of a development agenda... (Manila Bulletin, 5 November, 2010)